“That’s Awesome! LET IT GO.”

5,260,000. That’s approximately how many results come up when you google “Disneyland with young children.” Assuming only 1/1000 of those are legitimate, doable ideas that’s 5,260 more good ideas I have the option of putting in my brain. Ridiculous. 

While doing some trip research one night I got so distracted with sorting through posts and websites and articles about how to make your trip amazing, I completely forgot what it was I was originally looking for. This was not an uncommon occurrence. 

Sometimes it seems that I have access to so much information that I have no time or brain space for relevant knowledge. Relevant knowledge can, of course, differ from individual to individual so I’m not knocking the amount of accessible information but rather I’m concerned with my reaction to it. Let’s just say that Pinterest is often my worst enemy. 

I believe it’s important for people to improve themselves and their situation. As a mother of young children I think it’s extremely useful to have access to other mothers’ ideas and methods. It’s true that sometimes I just can’t figure out how I want my picture frames arranged on the wall and seeing examples on an interior design site actually does spark an idea. There are times when “10 tasty crock pot meals under 400 calories” actually come in handy. The problem comes when I take every suggestion to heart and decide that in order for my family/life/cat to be better, I MUST incorporate them. The bigger problem comes when I somehow delude myself into thinking that I can incorporate them into my life all at once. 

The world is over flowing with ideas about everything. Many of those ideas truly are awesome and worthy and good. For example, making sure all our snacks are homemade? Awesome! Writing in my journal every single night? Awesome! Three days of cardio a week and two of strength training? Awesome! Planning the Sunday School lessons I teach weeks in advance and making wonderful visuals? Awesome! Having a family cleaning time every day where we deep clean one part of the house together? Awesome! Having a vegetable dish and salad with dinner every night? Awesome! Taking daily nature walks with my kids? Awesome! Nearly constantly feeling stress, disappointment and failure because I haven’t accomplished everything I “should” have? NOT awesome. 

So, as I sat scrolling through endless pages of tips for going to Disneyland, I was hit by a bit of inspiration. So hard actually, that I’ve made it my motto for the past 4 months: “That’s awesome! Let it go.”

Are all of these ideas indeed awesome? Yes. Do I need them in my life now? No. Somehow, by acknowledging that many of the ideas I see and hear are good but then giving myself permission to let them pass by me without an obligation to remember them has brought me more peace on this subject than I’ve felt in a long while. To everything there is a season and I am learning that this is not the season of my life for so, so many things. 

There have been many times since I’ve adopted this new motto that I will read or hear a new idea and for a split second that familiar feeling of “I need to implement this” will start to spark. When I stop and say (usually out loud) “That’s awesome! Let it go,” it’s like my mind opens up and gets a big breath of fresh air. 

There is a scripture that reads, “And verily I say unto thee that thou shalt lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better.” Amen to that. This world is full of good things but I don’t want to be so distracted with the good that I miss the better.