Because of Christ

Lately I have had a really hard time hearing or reading about tragedies in the world, especially those involving children. There are times when I have to force myself to think of something else because I become so emotionally overwhelmed when I think of the abuse, neglect, torture, murder and many other awful things that some children have to endure here on Earth.
I try to not read about those things anymore but there are stories and reports I’ve heard that stay with me and feel like they are physically tearing at my heart. How can people be so cruel, so violent, so evil? Especially to children?
The only comfort I find is to pray that God will send angels to be with those kids as they endure hell and that somehow the extra kisses and love I give to my babies will be felt by those who receive little or no love in their own lives.
I think of Christ and how He has felt every person’s pains. I know that He knows exactly how those poor children feel and in eternity, He can fix it all.
When I learned that there were reports coming in that one of the factions in the Syrian civil war was torturing children I crumpled inside. I wept and still do for how those children must feel. Alone, confused, in such pain and terrified. Outrage, despair and horror filled me.
Then I had a tender mercy from The Lord that helped me realize that Christ has also endured torture. He has a direct connection to those suffering children. He not only endured torture here on Earth but, through the Atonement, He has experienced every nuance of their sufferings in detail and on an individual level. He has created the possibility that no matter what they suffer here, they can have eternal, perfect peace and the smallest harm that was caused by their experiences here will be healed and taken away and never ever experienced again.

On an uplifting note, there is a beautiful video that depicts the scene from Luke 18:15-17 where Christ has the children come to Him. You can see it here.


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