Things I Already Forgot

It’s funny how I’ve already forgotten things about having tiny babies. Things like swaddling, nursing precisely on time, waking up at night to feed them feeling like a normal schedule, cleaning umbilical cords, wiping up drool or spit up incessantly, counting poopy diapers, the necessity of burp cloths, that sweet new baby smell, tiny clothes, first reactions, how they look when trying to grasp hold of something, how they watch your face so intently.
It’s hard having a newborn but it’s also very strange how the passage from newborn to toddler doesn’t have distinct mile markers along the way, at least not when you’re on the journey. It’s not until you refer to your “baby” one day and realize that that term really no longer applies and you are no longer on the journey of “baby,” but have completed it.
There are so many books, discussion forums, movies, so much talk about having and caring for a baby. So many details that become all consuming and feel like they will be that way forever. And then, looking back, it seems like it goes so fast.
Why does it go so fast? Because it IS fast. My almost 14 month old can barely, if at all, be considered a baby now. Why does it feel like just yesterday I was giving birth to her? Because it nearly was just yesterday.
I used to be under the impression that people looked back and felt time had just gone by too fast because they had been too busy to “enjoy the moment”. Almost as if I could just slow myself down and try to relax then I would never have to feel like time was passing too quickly. I don’t find that to be the case anymore. Elder Uchtdorf, an Apostle of the Lord, said “None of us will be on earth very long. We have a number of precious years which, in the eternal perspective, barely amount to the blink of an eye.”
Think of an adult’s life during a mostly uneventful time. How much will typically change in 14 months? Not much. Same job, same home, same evening and weekend routines. 14 months go by pretty fast. Barely a year. That’s it. And that’s about all you get to have your baby before it’s time to move on to new things.


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