Things I Want to Remember

I’ve been thinking lately, about the little things I experience with my kids that I want to remember when they get older. I have a feeling I won’t remember though unless I record them. So, here are a few.

  • The way it feels when little hands lightly rest on my arm
  • How my daughter will be happily playing on her own and suddenly turn towards me, crawl straight at me as if her life depended on it and then tackle me until she can get to my face and give me her sloppy open-mouthed kisses
  • How it feels to know, with absolutely no pretension on my part, that I am the person my kids want to be with the most
  • Feeling honored to be the only one that my daughter will instantly stop crying for
  • In the still, quiet night, when saying my prayers, recognizing and feeling the worth of my children and their preciousness
  • The way my daughter looks when she’s doing her super speedy crawl: like an uncoordinated cockroach
  • How my son randomly says “momma, I love you”
  • How my daughter squeezes my leg as hard as she can with her whole little body to give me a hug

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