The Beginning

I’ve had my blog set up for some time now but never felt like I had anything appropriate to write about for a first post. I finally decided that if I didn’t post something soon then I would never have a blog to speak of.
So, by way of introduction, the idea behind this blog is for it to be a more public version of my personal journal. Most, if not all posts will be entries from my journal edited to make sense to an audience larger than myself and my children, whom I often address my journal entries to.
Left to my own thoughts and indecisiveness, I would probably have never decided to start a blog. However, I have had a reoccurring prompting that perhaps my words may be inspirational to someone at a time when needed. This has happened for me with the few blogs I read and most especially with the blog love is all you need. In fact, this was the blog that finally inspired me to start mine.
So, without further ado…


One thought on “The Beginning

  1. Karen says:

    I love you…..

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